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pregnancy cravings

lunch in 8 minutes...can I wait that long?

Pregnancy cravings. Are they real? Or just a real good excuse to eat what you want?

A little of both I think. At 25 weeks pregnant, I’m hungry almost all the time. (Yes, Mik, this is different from pre-pregnancy!) But now when I’m hungry, I need to eat within ten minutes or, or . . . I don’t want to know what I’d do. Perhaps start eating dirt and fabric softener? That does happen to some women.  And when my stomach isn’t growling, I’m still thinking about food and dreaming about what will be good to eat. (Again, this is different from pre-pregnancy, I swear!)

These days, my food dreams revolve around cheese, eggs, salt, and bread. And the beauty of pregnancy is that I pretty much can eat whatever I want. Luckily I never want to eat McDonalds, chips, or other junk food (Ben & Jerry’s has calcium). So when my stomach growls, I need to eat. And since I’m always thinking about food, I always have a food dream that needs to be fulfilled.

Is that a craving? Yes. But is it a scientific event happening in my body? I don’t think so. I crave food because I think about it all the time and I’m hungry about 80% of the time. So, when I get a craving, I usually satisfy that craving.

Does this make any sense? I don’t think so. I’m deliriously hungry as my Trader Joe’s box mac & cheese boils on the stove. I rarely eat box mac & cheese, but I’m hungry, I’m pregnant, and I got a craving. So I’m ignoring the sodium content and focusing on the organic label. They cancel each other out, right?

What I’m trying to say is that cravings are not specific to pregnancy, but pregnancy is a wonderful reason to satisfy those cravings. Nearly guilt-free eating!


baked goodness

baked goodness (aka baked kale chips)

Usually when I say “baked goodness,” I’m referring to a fresh loaf of bread, cake, pie, cookies, or some other butter-rich baked good.  Today I’m talking about baked kale chips. In an attempt to fortify my body with Vitamin K, calcium, and iron–nutrients that are packed into kale–I made kale chips from a Smitten Kitchen recipe.

I don’t like kale but I will say that this is a tastier vehicle for nutrient delivery than boiled, stir fried, or drenched in vinegar.  (It probably has something to do with the loads of olive oil and salt.)

a “medicalized condition”

Kerry Grens, a reporter for WHYY, reported yesterday on pregnancy and the healthcare system, particularly in Philadelphia. She specifically talks about screening tests, unnecessary interventions, and potentially fatal risks being presented to pregnant women out of context. She also mentions a woman who makes pills out of placentas to deal with post-partum depression. YUCK. YUCK.

She stresses the idea of pregnancy as a healthy condition which can easily get “medicalized” by testing, stress, and fears. Her report is directly in line with one of my recent posts about pregnancy and healthcare, but, like a good reporter, her article is well-researched and well-edited.