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Chilean apples

I stopped at the Reading Terminal Market yesterday to pick up some sausages for dinner and fall fruit and veg–namely, apples and squash.

The market is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. Open year-round, you can find butchers, fish mongers, produce stands, an herbalist, local honey, jewelry stands, food stands, and, on Thursday through Saturday, Amish farmers, bakers and food stands.  Kauffman’s is my favorite local produce stand, but is only open on Th.-Sat. since the proprietor is Amish.

Yesterday I stopped at the alternative produce stands looking for some fresh produce, but could only find apples from New Zealand and Chile. At the end of September in Pennsylvania?  Is it really more cost-effective to ship produce from the other side of the world than from 50 miles away?  And who is buying these apples when you can buy local, fresh-picked apples, including heirloom varieties, for the same price? Standing in despair before the Chilean applies, I remembered the Fair Food Farmstand. I ran over and was greeted with six different types of apples, all grown using IPM, all local, and for the same price as the Chilean Red Delicious.

Thank you local farmers and the vendors at the market who bring this produce to Center City Philadelphia.