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gazing at a baby

Freja Alice

Is this blog still alive? Yes. But not right now. Philawriter is taking a long siesta because nearly 100% of my attention is focused on my new 7 pound bundle: Freja Alice. She was born on March 18 at 7:50 PM and is beautiful. I spend most of my time gazing at the baby, not at the internet. I’ve put my novel on hold and the only writing I’m doing is in my journal. So, for now, this blog is sleeping. Heck, the baby sleeps most of the time (except at 3am), so the blog is joining the sleep-a-thon.


foregoing law school

I’ve deferred my admission to Temple Law School to Fall 2011. I made this decision for a number of reasons, the main reason being that I could not picture myself working as an attorney. No matter how hard I tried to draw a picture of my life after law school, I could not muster a light pencil sketch in my imagination. Immigration Law, which has always been my motivation to become an attorney, didn’t seem that exciting anymore. Working for a small firm taking whatever cases came in the door seems like a path toward 16 hour days and a meager paycheck.
I sent in my deferment to Temple about a month ago and have been feeling confident and happy in my decision. My decision was further affirmed by the latest copy of “The Pennsylvania Lawyer” plopping on my desk at work this morning. Cover story: Is Law School Still Worth It? The article cited rising attendance rates, dropping employment growth and rising tuition costs. It basically confirmed what I have been thinking all along: upon graduation I’ll be saddled with a large pile of debt and faced with steep competition for a few jobs, that I’m not even sure that I want. Looking at my decision in such black and white terms makes me wonder why it gave me such angst two months ago. Today, it seems pretty darn obvious!

helmets & lights

sitting on the corner of 16th and spring garden streets last night I watched lots of bike commuters travel the city east and west along the bike lane.  hurrah for bike commuting!  But boo to all those people biking at night without a helmet or lights.  Do they not realize how invisible they are?