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photo shoot

A photographer from the Inquirer came to the boat yesterday to take some pictures of me for the Megabus article that will be in Sunday or Monday’s paper. I thought she would snap a quick headshot but it turned into a full blown photo shoot. I got a lot of curious looks and questions from my neighbors!  The photographer was a recent college grad and an intern (paid) at the Inquirer. We talked a lot about photography since she is in the same place Hans was seven years ago when he interned at the New London Day in Ct.  She was very excited about photography, the internship and her future. I didn’t ask her how she felt to be working for a paper that is in its second, third (fourth? I lose track.) round of bankruptcy. It’s great that she got an internship–it’s a competitive business, especially in light of the fact that papers across the country are folding and more and more papers are relying on the wire services for their pictures.

Procrastination is in full-swing. But sometimes it can be a good thing. This morning I cleaned out the lockers in the aft head (bathroom), scrubbed the toilet, counters and floor and oiled the teak.  It’s pretty stinky in there now (from the teak oil, I promise!), but looking spic and span.

Time to sit on the back deck with some cake and re-read Strunk and White.


what are we reading in philly?

When you check a book out from the library in Philadelphia, the circulation desk slips a receipt between the pages of one of the books. I often find someone’s old receipt tucked in the pages of my new library book.  It could be an interesting way to get new ideas for books to read, or just a look at what other people are reading. For example, in the pages of Cormac McCarthy’s “All the Pretty Horses” the previous lendee had checked out:

  • All the Pretty Horses
  • Facebook Marketing for Dummies by Paul Dunay.

I don’t plan on putting that book on my “to-read list” and I can also imagine that it is probably a book that Mr. McCarthy would never read.