Hello, my name is….

Kristen.  I live on my boat in Philadelphia with my medical-student husband, Hans.  I’m teaching myself how to:

  1. write fiction & creative non-fiction;
  2. bake sourdough bread;
  3. sew [clothes and home dec (for the boat)];
  4. speak & read Swedish.

I am interested in:

  1. current events/politics;
  2. religion & spirituality;
  3. food;
  4. sailing;
  5. travel.

I’ll use this blog to document my fumblings and stumblings through the Swedish language, the world of fiction, stinky, fermenting sourdough starter, and my perpetual quest to live intentionally well in this world.

Stay tuned for my observations on life as I know it aboard m/v “Stinkpot”.


4 responses to “Hello, my name is….

  1. K-

    You are my idol and I’m so proud of you! This is the start of something truly wonderful.

  2. Pretty cool blog and definitely liking the food/foodie/cooking posts. Keep them coming, from a fellow Philadelphia foodie.

  3. slowsimpleconscious

    wow, it’s amazing that you live on a boat, will def be back to your blog as this is a lifestyle i’m interested in learning about.

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