gazing at a baby

Freja Alice

Is this blog still alive? Yes. But not right now. Philawriter is taking a long siesta because nearly 100% of my attention is focused on my new 7 pound bundle: Freja Alice. She was born on March 18 at 7:50 PM and is beautiful. I spend most of my time gazing at the baby, not at the internet. I’ve put my novel on hold and the only writing I’m doing is in my journal. So, for now, this blog is sleeping. Heck, the baby sleeps most of the time (except at 3am), so the blog is joining the sleep-a-thon.


5 responses to “gazing at a baby

  1. Congrats to you and Hans – we, at OFR, cannot wait to meet Freja. I am so pleased to share my birthday with your beautiful addition!

  2. She is just beautiful! Congratulations.

  3. She’s gorgeous. Take your time. Writing can always be done later!

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