beware of the glare

Philadelphia got hit with a big snowstorm last night. The airport is reporting about 16″. I trudged up and down the dock around midnight and at that time it only about 8″ had fallen. I estimate around 3″ fell after midnight, so, in my very scientific opinion, I think we have around one foot at the marina. It’s heavy, wet snow. Perfect for snowmen. Not so perfect for boat biminis. Hans did his best to bang the snow off the bimini a couple times before we went to bed last night and luckily there is no damage. The whole marina is now iced in, but the sky is blue and the temperature is well above freezing so hopefully there’ll be no ice skating here.

My question of the day: how do I go from this….

the bright winter view from Stinkpot this morning

to this?:

Vieques, Spanish Virgin Islands

And no, I don’t plan on buying a plane ticket. My novel is set on a Caribbean island, so on this snowy, winter wonderland-esque day in Philadelphia, I need to transport my imagination to a tropical beach in the Caribbean and write about heat, humidity, afternoon thunderstorms, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, and beach bars.


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