how saving sheep sucks my time

I’ve never been that interested in video games. Usually, I only care about them when I can’t play them–like when my brother got a Nintendo when we were kids. He bought it with his own money and could therefore control who got to play when. (Pretty much he could play it, whenever he wanted. My sister and I could play it maybe once a month for 30 minutes.)

Video games also become very interesting when I shouldn’t play them. I got addicted to Civilization for a couple months and I played tetris with great devotion while I was procrastinating writing those term papers in college. That is basically my video game history.

Until now. Now I feel it is my moral duty to save the sheep. Hans downloaded a simple little arcade game called “Madness” onto his ipod Touch. I am addicted. And I keep thinking I’ll grow out of this addiction, but I haven’t. At least not yet. I’ve been playing for at least two months now, and I have to get in at least one game a night. I know it’s getting bad when Hans told me the other night that I can’t get mad or frustrated at the video game.

I have a bag of knitting sitting at my feet. A stack of library books on the coffee table. A number of sewing projects in my mind. Yet I spend an hour or so each evening saving the sheep. (From the aliens, of course.)  Luckily for me (and for the progress of my novel), Hans brings his Touch to school every day so the sheep can’t distract me from real work.

If Hans didn’t use his ipod Touch for school, I would be really tempted to toss it overboard. Instead, I need to get a grip. Get some self-control. I hate video games. Really, I do.


One response to “how saving sheep sucks my time

  1. So funny. While I don’t save sheep, I’ve been known to brick the nation of tetris and then undo it with brick-breaker. Glad you’re writing and getting your knitting done.

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