the reward

I believe that a gorgeous sunrise is nature’s reward for waking up early. This is what greeted us this morning as I fried up eggs and sipped my hot tea.

I saw my favorite sunrises at sea while we were on passage on s/v Whisper. Passage sunrises were the reward for a restless, sometimes sleepless night, sharing 3 hour watches. Passage sunrises signaled the end of a long, cold night and brought the promise of hot tea and coffee.

en route between Dominican Republic and the Bahamas

Sunrises in Sweden in the summer are amazing. Sunset turns into sunrise and the event lasts at least seven hours. (If you want to see the sunrise, you need to stay up from 11PM to 6AM–and how do you tell when the sunset stops and the sunrise starts?)

3:00AM, Holmsund, Sweden

If you’re watching the sunrise in Philadelphia in the winter, don’t let your eyes stray from it for too long because it quickly turns to a cold, gray winter sky.


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