Caribbean dreaming

It’s that time of year again. The thermometer is consistently dropping down to 20 degrees every night and stays in the mid-30s during the day. We’re forecast to get snow tonight and tomorrow and I’m constantly wearing 2, if not 3, layers, top and bottom. The fingerless gloves my mom knit me for Christmas are worth their weight in gold. Ah yes. Winter. Not my favorite season.

So what do I do? I dream of the Caribbean. I start looking at future cruising boats.  Wait for friends down island to update their blogs so I can get a fix. Read Caribbean news blogs. Look through old pictures and wish my hair was still bleached blonde and my skin was still dark brown. Stand in front of the fish monger and grumble at how expensive and stale the tuna and mahi-mahi are.

After about 20 minutes (okay, maybe sometimes an hour) of messing around on the internet I snap out of it and think of what I like about living in the frigid north. In no particular order:

  • sourdough baking
  • proximity to family and friends
  • access to quality news: NPR, PBS Newshour
  • internet: 24/7
  • red wine (not so much now, but it was vital last winter)
  • cozy bars and pubs (ditto to above, although they’re still nice even if I’m just drinking hot tea)
  • hot tea
  • new friends
  • setting down roots in a new community
  • coffee shops
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • local, organic food
  • the public library
  • Trader Joes
  • my Kitchen Aid stand mixer
  • my sewing machine
  • spring
  • fall

So, the frigid north is not all bad in January. At least the days are getting longer.


One response to “Caribbean dreaming

  1. I don’t blame you and I hear you. I am not a big fan of the snow, and even though work has me splitting time between Philly and DC, DC isn’t much better at all, just a couple of inches less snow. I totally long for the temperate climates of spring and fall – summer can have just the opposite extreme effect on me and I suffer especially when getting my training runs in.

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