writers must write

If you want to be a writer, you have to write.

Oh! But it’s so hard sometimes. I find editing so much easier than writing. When I edit, I have concrete tasks that I need to accomplish and the groundwork is already laid out for me. But staring at a blank screen on the computer? I stare. And stare some more. Consider making some tea. Force myself to remain glued to my seat. Staring. And…


I start typing. Slowly. Not surely. I erase two words, write one word. Tell myself not to erase. Keep typing in words.



I have a paragraph. Then two, then three.

I hate forcing myself to write. This should be enjoyable, right? But some times the ideas don’t flow as easily as other times. I’ve found that I can’t wait for that magical moment when ideas will start flowing.  Soon enough, if I sit long enough, the ideas will come. And even my slow typing produces results.

Researching story ideas, researching publishing options, researching grammar questions–these are all useful. But I can’t spend time on those in place of writing. I want to be a writer. I must write!


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