waiting, watching.

a lone seagull rests on an ice floe in the marina

I handed my manuscript over to my husband, Hans, last Friday for the first read-through. He’s steadily working his way through it, paying attention to the big picture as opposed to copy editing for grammar and style. So far his feedback is positive. (Is he biased? Yes, of course! But he’s been my editor since our freshman year in college so I know I can trust him to give an honest opinion. And he knows how to give an honest opinion without starting a family argument.)

A couple comments so far:

1. He keeps getting two characters confused. Which means that they either can be combined into one character or that I need to spend some more time on character development.

2. I need to set the scene for the reader more often. I tell most of the story via dialogue and often I drop the reader into the middle of a conversation without adequately setting the stage.

So far so good. I’ll keep waiting for him to reach the end, watching him read the text.


One response to “waiting, watching.

  1. Sounds as though you have a good reader/editor. Those comments are insightful and you can actually do something with them.

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