it’s always snowy in Vermont

Or at least it’s always snowy at Christmastime in Vermont. We crossed the border from New York State last Wednesday around 2PM and as soon as we got into the mountains we were greeted with a snowstorm. It snowed 6″ overnight in north/central Vermont but the roads were dry by the time we made it to southern Vermont the next morning.

A few days later and we were hit with the Christmas blizzard: we woke up on Monday morning to 16″ of snow on the ground and and estimated 3-7″ to fall before 4PM.  Hans got to practice his snow blowing skills while my mom and sister got out the old snow shovels. My nephew, Chase, and I tromped through the snow and took turns lying in the deep powder.

Everyone inside for hot chocolate!


One response to “it’s always snowy in Vermont

  1. Great pictures! I love how much Chase looks like Angela did at the same age, just as Quinton looks like Pete.

    No snow here in Kansas. We had warm and windy weather today, up in the 50s, but there’s a chance it will drop to 14!

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