next steps

Draft 1 of my manuscript is printed and in Hans’s hands for the first read-through.  In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about the next steps in the editing process. More editing, no doubt! A different reader. Self-publishing or search for an agent? Pitch letter? The book needs a title! Create a book blog? Build a platform?

Obviously I need some guidance. There are a few blogs that I find particularly useful:

  • Broadside.  A blog with lots of useful posts about publishing, writing, freelancing, with some other random posts thrown in.
  • Help! I need a publisher! Specific information for improving your writing and information on the publishing process from a published author.
  • Paperback Writer. An author’s blog that consists of some writing tips, some fun internet diversions, and random posts.
  • 37 Days. A thoughtful, spiritual writer’s blog about living intentionally and purposefully in the world.
  • Kristen Lamb’s Blog. I describe this blog as take-no-prisoners. A frequent (almost daily) blogger, Ms. Lamb blogs about the trade of writing and incorporating social media to promote and improve your writing. A real nuts-and-bolts blog that makes you sit up straight.
  • Word of the Day. My mom was recently shocked to discover I didn’t subscribe to a word of the day. I quickly fixed that and am learning new words every week and reminding myself of others daily. caliginous: misty; dim; dark.

Prior to finding an agent or taking the self-publishing route, I think I’ll upload my manuscript to Authonomy. Authonomy is a British-based online writers’ community but open to any material written in English. It is sponsored by Harper Collins and provides a space for writers to upload their material for review by other Authonomy users. Users vote on manuscripts and top-ranked pieces get sent to the Editor’s Desk where they are seen by an actual editor at Harper Collins. Seems like a great way to get seen. (That is whenever I get courage to post my manuscript!)

What writing blogs do you follow that are particularly useful or entertaining or inspiring?


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