I have wordled my manuscript. At first I did it for a distraction, but the result actually tells me a lot about what I have written.

  1. my main character is Sam–she shows up a lot. (I know this already)
  2. It also shows me who else shows up a lot: Pike, Alley, Miss Perkins, Margaret
  3. And it shows me who does not show up very much–there are a couple characters I thought were central to the story but their names are small on my wordle
  4. common words: just, beach, island, get, like, think, going, back, know, around.

It is really fun to see the words of my novel captured in a scramble. I would love to see some of my favorite novels wordled.


2 responses to “wordled

  1. Very cool. I checked it out and made my own wordle but when I cut and paste to my blog – it is miniature. How’d you make yours so big?

  2. You’re already ahead of me…I couldn’t figure out how to paste it into my blog. I ended up printing (saving) it as a PDF file and then saving it as a JPEG.

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