what if?

I have edited 165 pages of 261 of my manuscript and I’m being flooded by what ifs? What ifs that make me groan, bang my head on the table, bake cinnamon rolls, and start searching monster.com for legal jobs. (Okay, that last one is an exaggeration.)

What if…the plot makes no sense whatsoever? What if it is completely disjointed with no flow or obvious storyline? What if my characters are flat? What if they all sound exactly the same to the reader even though they are different in my head? What if there are no jokes, or laugh-out-loud spots? And if there aren’t jokes, what if I can’t think of any to add? What if the description is so bad that the reader has no idea or image in their head of Green Island? What if the dialogue is wooden? What if I have plagiarised from a book I haven’t even read but is out there somewhere? What if the book reads like an eighth grader wrote it? What if, what if, what if?

Oh the doubt. The worry. The anxiety. I just need to keep plugging away with the edits. One sentence at a time. I need to remember that I had a solid outline, I had index cards, I had to-do lists. But, but, but….


One response to “what if?

  1. Now you know why Hemingway shot himself through the face. And Edgar Allen Poe did drugs. And Tolstoi walked out of his home and wandered aimlessly for a few years. But hey, that was them; we’re talking about you!

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