I’m thankful for . . .

I’ll venture to guess that it’s a pretty common tradition at Thanksgiving tables for everyone to take turns sharing what they are thankful for. I know my family did this when I was growing up and I’ve shared Thanksgiving with other families where this tradition is also practiced.

Recently, the idea of gratitude has popped up in the context of happiness studies. For example: UC Davis, a Science Daily article, this article by Philip Watkins, and a post of Psychwiki, to cite a few.  The theory is that if you spend a minute each day thinking of what you are grateful for (in this season, what you’re thankful for), your overall level of happiness will rise.  Encouraged by Pastor Michael Caine’s sermon yesterday in church, I am going to put this to practice. Every morning, while I’m drinking my tea, I’ll do a quick blog posting about what I’m thankful for. I don’t mean this to be a place to brag about how great my life is, nor evangelize, nor a post to show-off how lucky I am, but rather a simple exercise to recognize the good things in life.

November is a hard month. The days are getting shorter and colder and winter is knocking on the door (or, in my case, on the hull). What a perfect time to start thinking of what is good in my life–to start being thankful.

Monday, 22 November 2010

I’m thankful for the warm down quilt on my bed.


2 responses to “I’m thankful for . . .

  1. This is such a healthy thing to do! For a while when I was still living in London, I used to write down, at the end of each day, five things that had happened that day (or just things in general) that I was grateful/thankful for. I kept this up for about two years, and not only did it give me a healthier, more humble perspective on life, but it also made me realize that, more often than not, it was the little things that mattered: having tea with a good friend, appreciating the daily walk to the office, having lunch outside in the sunshine, freshly fallen snow on the sidewalk, a hot shower on a cold winter morning etc.

    Thank you for reminding me about this. I’m looking forward to reading your posts – maybe I’ll join you in expressing my daily gratitude!

  2. I’m thankful for having interesting, positive-thinking friends like Hans and Kristen, Suzanne, and Jessie, to name a few . . . (btw, can I borrow $20?)

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