back on the gypsy boat

laundry day on Whisper

In March 2008 we sailed into Antigua with all of our clothes, towels, and linens dirty, salty, and sweaty. Friends were arriving in two days. We searched for a laundromat only to discover they didn’t exist. Laundry service cost over $20/load. (I can’t make this up.) So, we did what any resourceful–and budget-minded–cruiser would do: we washed our own laundry by hand and hung everything to dry.  You can read about it here.

Now that m/v stinkpot’s bridge and back decks are completely enclosed and protected from wind and rain, they serve as the ultimate drying room for wet laundry. I hate clothes dryers. They are a complete waste of energy and one of the most environmentally unsound appliances you can use (okay, I have no facts to base this statement on, just a hunch). Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are rough on clothes too.  I prefer air-drying. Thus, we’re back on the gypsy boat!

m/v stinkpot's laundry room


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