living on the Delaware River

Delaware River just north of the Ben Franklin Bridge - Philadelphia skyline

The Delaware River originates from two branches that start in the Catskills and converge near Hancock, NY. By the time it reaches Trenton, NJ, it starts mixing with tides from the Atlantic Ocean and becomes a tidal river.  Philadelphia, located south of Trenton and about 87 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean, has a mean tide of about 6 feet. What does this all mean? How does this impact my life afloat on the Delaware River?


Chuck, the harbor master, tows a tree out of the marina this morning

A strong storm blew through Philadelphia last night and we were woken up at various points in the night by knocking on the hull.  Were we hitting the dock? Nope.  It was logs. Sometimes we get stumps and other times we get logs. I walked up to put laundry on this morning and saw an entire tree floating on the other side of the dock. In the winter we get ice floes (shudder). And on a daily basis we get trash: plastic bottles, old shoes, condoms (yuck), plastic bags–you name it. It’s amazing how many different odds and ends float down (and up) the river and work their way into the marina.


One response to “living on the Delaware River

  1. Beautiful photo but sorry about your night’s sleep. I really miss Philadelphia.

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