I’m stuck. Not stuck like my main character who finds herself wedged, head first, in the window of a ticket kiosk with her butt and legs sticking out and flailing in every direction, but I’m stuck on how to edit Chapter 1, and 2 and 3 and 4 and…you get the picture. I know there is such a thing as writer’s block, but “editor’s block?” If that exists, I have it. And if it didn’t exist before, it certainly exists now.

I spent Monday and Tuesday reading fiction how-to books and focusing on one aspect of the editing process (characters, or dialogue) only to read my text, sit back, smile smugly, and say to myself “check. did it. It’s perfect.” Of course it’s not perfect! I will wager a bet that it is far from perfect.  But that is what happens when you’re afflicted with editor’s block: there is no room for improvement.

I’m putting the manuscript on a side shelf for a (long) weekend, will print it out on Monday and edit for typos. At least I’ll be able to spot out typos. Rihgt?


3 responses to “stuck

  1. Have a great weekend (and say hello to everybody for me!). You’re right, don’t even think about the editing process until Monday. Let your subconscious do a little of the heavy lifting.

    And have you seen this?

  2. Good idea, it’s about time my sub-conscious stepped up to the plate! And thanks for the link. I like #5: Start as close to the end as possible. (Especially considering I cut the first 4+ chapters of my novel!) You might be interested in this: …well, the idea of it since I think it was a one-time deal in England.

  3. I always tell my students to step away from their work from time to time so they can view it with fresh eyes. Also, have you tried reading it out loud? No cheating. Really speak the words. You’ll be amazed at how typos you had skimmed over will jump out and how you may edit the cadence of the writing once you have spoken it.

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