living on a boat is hard…

sometimes. Particularly during the month of October. Particularly on the east coast of the US, just a stone’s throw from the ICW. It’s that time of year. Snowbirds are heading south to Florida and the Bahamas, and sailboats are setting out directly for the Virgins with the Caribbean 1500.

boats go south down the Dismal Swamp

Our dock lines remain tied to the cleats. Our yellow electric cords are plugged in. Our water hose is fixed to the boat. The leaves turn. The morning air is chilly. The marina ducks have gone south. And we stay.

October would be easier if we were living in an apartment. Living on a boat, it’s just too easy to imagine throwing loose the dock lines and firing up the engines to motor south down the ICW. We’d stop off in Annapolis to get some crab cakes at Davis’s Pub; then on to Solomon’s Island to get even better crab cakes; friends to visit in Deltaville and Norfolk; the locks of the Dismal Swamp; friendly Elizabeth City; the inner banks of North Carolina; etc. I have such great memories of cruising down the ICW on Whisper four years ago that it’s hard not to get nostalgic this time of year. Especially when we’re living on a boat. Boats are meant to travel. To take you to the horizon! See the far shores! Get salt water on the decks!

For now, we’ll remember the journey on Whisper, look through photographs, and, like all sailors, dream about what is beyond the horizon and when we’ll set out next.


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