The photographer’s assistant

That was my role on Saturday–assistant extraordinaire to Hans. He booked a wedding for Saturday and the bride and groom wanted a second photographer. Voila! Meet Kristen. Writer, baker, baby incubator, sailor, boat handywoman, and, now, photographer’s assistant.

The wedding was in Harrisburg, Penn. We arrived at 2:30 to take the “getting ready” pictures (I photographed the groomsmen and Hans worked with the bride); 5:30: ceremony; portraits; dinner; toasts; dancing; cake-cutting; bon voyage. We packed up and left around 10:45PM. Phew.

A second photographer was useful during the getting ready pictures when Hans couldn’t be in two places at once. The rest of the time, Hans managed to get almost every single shot. I got a few shots he didn’t get (because he was busy taking pictures somewhere else) and it was reassuring to have a second photographer to make sure nothing was missed.  I did spend quite a bit of time after dark running around next to him holding up the flash; helping to move lights; and keeping track of good photo opportunities (although I don’t think he really appreciated me pointing out good photos…”oooh, look, that’s a good picture.” or “hey, quick get a picture of that.” Yeah. He knew what pictures to take).  Hans has photographed over 50 weddings–it’s really hard work. He was basically running around all the time and when he did get a minute to sit down and catch his breath, he was back on his feet snapping another picture.

The pictures came out great. Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures here since they’re not mine to share. Imagine: Vietnamese-American bride, strapless white dress with flowing skirt and long train, five bridesmaids with short purple dresses in different styes, a three-tier cake, west-facing golf course–perfect for sunset portraits, happy family members, and best friends. It was a beautiful wedding.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the chocolate fountain?


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