starting . . . and stopping.

1:30PM: My Sunday afternoon is free and clear. I’ve had lunch; Hans is at the library all day; and the weather is perfect. Time to finish stinkpot’s canvas project.

2:00 PM: I’ve taken the bimini down and have measured the zippers.

sewing the zipper on the bimini

2:40 PM: the zippers have been sewn onto the bimini. With Patty’s help (from s/v Full Circle), I’ve put the bimini back up and am ready to measure and cut for the windows.

3:00 PM: I unroll the plastipane window material. It’s white. Sure, you can see through it, barely. It should be clear.  These are going to be windows!

yes, you can see the mum behind the plastic, but it's a bit foggy, wouldn't you say?

3:30 PM: I wash, I scrub, I scratch with my fingernail. The white stubbornly remains in place.

3:40PM: Erin–who is struggling with rotten gunwales on her wooden powerboat–commiserates with me: boat projects are never easy.

3:50 PM: I post to anybody know how to de-fog plastipane?

4:00 PM: I shrug my shoulders, mutter a few expletives at the white plastic, put away the sewing machine, put a load of laundry in the machine.

Looks like I’ll need to place another order with Sailrite. Yet again.


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