two more index cards

only 2 blank cards left

To the untrained eye, these brightly colored index cards may look like a kid’s game, or recipe cards, or Hans’s med. school flashcards.  Nope. They are the condensed version of my novel.  Kristen’s novel a la Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup.  At this point, they represent what I have accomplished and what I have left to do. Each card represents a chapter of the story. Look carefully: there are only two blank index cards: chapter 19 and the epilogue!  I’m almost there! (Well, I’m almost at the end of draft 1.)

It’s stopped raining, the sun is shining, the sky is  a brilliant blue and the highs are in the low 70s today. But I’m staying inside. Writing chapter 19 and the epilogue–finishing the story!


3 responses to “two more index cards

  1. You go girl!

  2. How exciting!!! It’s cool to see how you are organizing it.

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