The American enterprise

America is rapidly transforming into a government-run enterprise.” –  Robert John Burck, the Times Square street performer who has announced his bid for presidency in 2012. (also known as the Naked Cowboy, he performs in cowboy boots, tighty-whities and a cowboy hat).

My response, in the form of a question:  is it better for America to be a government-run enterprise or a private corporation-run enterprise?

By definition, a congressman holds a public office; a private corporation is a capitalist office. The public officer looks out for the public good while the CEO looks out for the bottom line–of the corporation.

Obviously, not all politicians in Washington look out for the public good, but can the goal of maximizing corporate profits ever meet the goals of the public good? I think not. (And I also think of the most blatant disregard of the public good by a corporation in our recent history: oil-slicked wings of pelicans, oil-clogged blow-holes of dolphins, and a decimated fishing business in the Louisiana Gulf Coast. BP continues to rake in the profits while the public good is, well, not so good anymore.)

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people….”

At its core, America is a government-run enterprise. And the government is run by the people.  WE have a say in government. WE can control how America is run. WE need to vote. WE need to be politically active. I want America to be a government-run enterprise–as long as WE the people are the CEOs.



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