Philadelphia. Tuesday October 5, 2010

I walked to the bank and the post office on this rainy, chilly fall day.

I saw:

  • two umbrellas with polka dots
  • a man with a suitcase trying to hail a cab
  • tourists wearing garbage bags as raincoats
  • three pairs of matching white sneakers
  • an empty bottle of Gordon’s dry gin
  • a yellow Hummer
  • a matching leopard print umbrella and raincoat
  • cafe tables and chairs set up outside, waiting for rain-loving diners
  • basil growing in a pot outside a restaurant
  • brown cowboy boots
  • a purple purse
  • the flash from a camera inside the “passport pictures” corner store
  • five cases of Coors Light being wheeled into a bar
  • two women eating salad for lunch
  • a man taking a picture of a woman in front of Independence Hall
  • a toddler sleeping in a stroller
  • Phillies hats
  • Phillies coats
  • yellow leaves on the ground

I felt:

  • rain on my face

The lights will stay turned on inside stinkpot all day today. It’s gray and dreary.


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