3 days of white screens

I’m steadily working through the plot in my novel. For the past few weeks I’ve been writing the middle section of the story–the backbone, the bulk, the detective work–which will account for about 50% of my projected word count. I’m following my plot outline, checking off major and minor developments and trying to scatter clues and characters throughout this middle section.

After finishing draft 1 of Chapter 12 and reviewing my outline yesterday, I have 3 chapters left to write in this middle section. At my current rate of a chapter a day, I have 3 mere days of turning the computer on and staring at a blank white screen. I have already written the final 25% of the story and it needs some serious editing for content, grammar and style, but, unless my characters turn on me, I only have 3 more days of white screens!



4 responses to “3 days of white screens

  1. Sounds like you’re working diligently.

    I always tell young writers, “talent will only carry you so far; it’s hard work and sheer determination that decide who’s going to stick it out and who falls by the wayside”.

    Looks like you’re in it for the long haul. Congratulations…and God help you.

  2. That has to feel wonderful. Keep us posted!

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