Women who rock

Joan Jett, MIA. Their art lies on the opposite ends of the music spectrum: Joan Jett is a classical rocker and I can best define MIA as an dance hall, experimental, electronic raver. On Saturday I saw them both perform within a few hours of each other, on separate stages but at the same venue at the Virgin Free Fest.

Those two women can ROCK! Joan Jett was clad in all black: black shaggy hair, black tank top, black jeans, black boots, black eyeliner and a black guitar. A few large tattoos and amazing arm muscles–the epitomy of a rock star.

Joan Jett

MIA was wild. She performed with an all female crew, except for the two men dancing like Kid-n-Play. She was athletic, sexy, energetic and engaging. The crowd loved her. Her DJ was a woman, her back-up singer was a woman and she had three burqa-clad  woman standing motionless in the back of the set (political statement?).


V Fest was fun, hectic, full of stoners and partiers, and fantastic music. Did I mention that it was free?!  What a great experience to see two strong women take the stage and command the attention of thousands of fans.  Yeah, women rock!

Kristen & Liberty rocking out to Joan Jett at V Fest 2010


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