The passenger standing next to me on the Maid of the Mist boat tour put it best when she exclaimed–as we were floating in the churning water underneath the Horseshoe Falls–“they got the name wrong for the boat, this isn’t Maid of the Mist, this is Maid of the Monsoon.”  Indeed.

Friends Tom & Alex run a tour company out of a Wildwood, New Jersey geared toward international students working on the boardwalk during the summer season. They saved me a seat on their last tour to Niagara Falls–I was picked up in Philly on Monday at 7AM and dropped off on Tuesday at 9:30PM.  To call it a whirlwind tour is a gentle description. We were on the road for 20 hours and in Niagara Falls for 20 hours, including 8 hours of sleeping. It was a fun trip and fun to watch Tom & Alex keep a group of 26 18-23 year olds under control. Russia, Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Macedonia, Romania and Kazakhstan were a few of the countries represented on the trip.


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