10 cents per idea

While I diligently (and sometimes not so diligently) plug away at my murder-mystery novel, I also want to keep publishing magazine articles. I say publishing, perhaps I should clarify that statement to read: writing and submitting magazine articles. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

I found great publishers in Blue Water Sailing and Cruising World but I need to expand my audience. Quite simply, I’m not doing any blue water sailing and I’m not cruising anymore.  I have lots of stories I can write about sailing but at this point it is more like reminiscing than providing useful information to readers.  Sigh.  Tear. I’m afraid that putting up and down the Delaware River on m/v Stinkpot will only give me about 300 words.

“The water is brown. I saw a white trout (aka used condom). The Ben Franklin Bridge is magnificent. Wow, look, another smokestack! Here comes a container ship. Isn’t the skyline pretty? Do you think those guys have a permanent camp set up on that abandoned pier? Wonder what they’ll do with the old prison site…”

It’s time to change gears, change magazines, change content.  Any ideas?

  • Navigating the streets of Philly via bicycle.
  • Local, fresh food markets in the city.
  • Developing the Delaware waterfront.

Anything else?


2 responses to “10 cents per idea

  1. I was just reading an ancient Good Housekeeping magazine Wendy left me, saw a short story in there, and was thinking you should write thing like that, and then you posted this question. You’re working on a book of fiction, so doing a short story could give you an opportunity to test the waters only on a smaller scale. There’s no question that after March you should have a treasure trove of fun stories to share – blog + targeted advertising = $! Start working on that angle and you’ll be ready to go in between naps.

  2. ha! I’ve already pitched a blog idea to the Living Aboard magazine website. If they don’t want it then I’ll go solo–I have to be able to make $$ of this, right? 😉

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