the one hour block (writer’s block)

What can I do in one hour?

Yes. These are all useful, important tasks on m/v Stinkpot, but, at a certain point, I need to face reality.  This is procrastination!  I putter about the boat all morning: doing odd jobs, updating this blog, cleaning, “internet research.” A-ha! Lunchtime!  Nap time! When I finally do get around to sitting down at the computer I inevitably sit and stare for another hour.  At this rate, I’ll get about 3 hours of writing time in before Hans gets home from school at 6PM. I must start my work day before 3PM!


3 responses to “the one hour block (writer’s block)

  1. And laundry! Don’t forget laundry, especially at a laundromat, can eat up hours of your time!

  2. I was never good at working from home but very productive in an office. Try going to a coffee house, library, etc so you can’t be distracted by the dishes, laundry and all those oh so important things at home.

  3. I have tried to work from home, it saves money but honestly i found it very hard and eventually had to switch over to an office going job.

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