Stockholm: the golden standard

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden. Sunrise.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve been to Stockholm many times. I love it here every time.  When people comment that San Francisco is such a great city; that they love the Back Bay of Boston; and the pulse of New York City can’t be beat, I’m sure they truly believe that. But I invariably think to myself: ‘you’ve never been to Stockholm.’  Stockholm sets the bar for me.  I’m not a big city person, but I could easily, easily live here.  Not only is it clean, safe and friendly (all very important), but it is beautiful.  The city is made up of islands, all connected by bridges and tunnels. It has been dubbed the ‘Venice of the North’ by many travel writers. The architecture is a mix of modern and old. Very old. Walking is not only easy, but is a pleasure. Bike lanes are on almost every street throughout the city and most intersections have traffic lights strictly for cyclists. If you don’t like biking, walking or taking the t-bana (subway), ferries abound for nearly the same cost as the t-bana. Stockholm spoils me. What can I fault it for? I don’t know.


One response to “Stockholm: the golden standard

  1. I know one! It gets really cold there!! Oh well, it sounds breathtaking and I’m really jealous of you right now. Have fun!

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