plot devices, foreshadowing and red herrings

Back in Philadelphia, I’m diving headfirst into editing my murder-mystery novel I drafted back in November.  At this point I think re-writing is a more accurate term.  Since I’ve never done this before, I’ve been browsing around on the internet for tips, ideas and hints for using third person narrative, creating believable characters and setting the scene.  Yikes! I have three new documents: to-do, general thoughts and style guide.  Don’t forget to change so and so’s name; change Coast Guard to Search & Rescue; include some cliff-hangers; introduce the villain early and often; drop clues for the reader throughout the novel; don’t describe the characters, let their personalities shine through via their actions and other characters’ impressions; etc., etc., etc.

Feeling overwhelmed, this morning I did laundry and made this new clutch to bring to Sweden (along with my new computer, no more sharing with Hans!).
the inside of the clutch, complete with credit card holders and a divider

the new clutch


2 responses to “plot devices, foreshadowing and red herrings

  1. Hey, Kristen! You might want to check out a book called “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.” I read it after I did National Novel Writing Month–it would have been much better to read it first. Oh, well.

    Hope all is going wonderfully for you.

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