Can you see my spirit?

a sewing room with a view

A major, seemingly endless, project on m/v Stinkpot is the canvas enclosure for the back deck and the flybridge. I’ve been working on this in earnest for the past few days and I’ve relocated my sewing workshop to the marina’s deck. Everyone who has a boat here passes by me to get in and out of the marina and I’ve received some funny comments:

  • Looks like we have a tailor shop here.
  • Do you do buttons?
  • Pier 3 Sweatshop
  • I made one of those for my boat, but I used a hot glue gun and grommets instead of sewing.
  • Looks like you’ve got quite a project there.
  • I like your spirit, you’ve got the spirit!
  • You go girl!
  • Watcha workin’ on?
  • Ahh, you sew canvas? I’ve got a couple rips in my dodger (bimini, awning, etc.), do you think you could look at it for me? I’d pay you and provide the materials.
  • Do you know how to get to the tour buses at Independence Hall?
  • Wow! What a beautiful machine you have.  An old Singer…it’s in pristine condition.
  • They don’t make those machines like they used to–do you know that is made out of iron?
  • You could sell that machine on ebay and make a bundle.
  • What fabric are you using? Is that strataglass?

I love the comments!  My favorite, by far, is the spirit comment.  How fabulous to be told that I have spirit! (In actual fact, I welcome the comments because they give me a break from my back breaking work.)


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