Do you want some hormones with your eggs?

Dunkin & Styrofoam cups

I love Dunkin Donuts.  The donuts are basically puffed white flour and sugar, the coffee is weak, but I can’t resist the Mass. based breakfast franchise.  Maybe it’s the pink and orange color scheme that appeals to me or its blue-collar Mass. roots or the feeling of holding hot coffee and a sugar glazed French cruller, but what doesn’t appeal to me is the Styrofoam to-go coffee cups.  I get Dunkin about once a month, but the woman who works down the hall from me stops there every day for coffee and a donut.  Five Styrofoam coffee cups a week, 50 weeks a year adds up to 250 styrofoam cups a year.  Let’s say that 10% of Philadelphians follow the same morning routine. That is 154,000 people.  38,500,000 coffee cups a year! It’s time for Dunkin to switch to paper.  Better yet, it’s time for Dunkin’s customers to bring their own to-go cups.

Sailing for SOS

A big congratulations to a blog friend who hasn’t had Dunkin for a loong time: Lee Winters successfully arrived in Fatu Hiva (a tiny little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) after 21 days at sea alone on his little sailboat.  Lee and I “met” through the Log of Whisper.  He sat at his office job day in and day out dreaming of going cruising.  Our roles are now reversed.    Read all about his voyage and the charity he is raising money for, SOS Children’s Villages, at his website: Sailing for SOS

Hormone injected eggs?

Hans and I buy the majority of our groceries at Reading Terminal Market and Trader Joes.  Last night we needed a few items that were specific to the grocery store (baking powder being one) so we went to the nearby Super Fresh.  We pushed the cart up and down the aisles looking for the best price on almonds, searching out good crackers and salt-free canned tomatoes.  A couple observations:

  • chicken.  Purdue advertises hormone-free, all natural* chicken.  What is that pesky little asterisk?  *The USDA/FDA regulates that no poultry can be injected with hormones or other additives.  So they are advertising the fact that they are following USDA/FDA guidelines.  Do they want a pat on the back?
  • Eggs.  I had a coupon for Eggland’s Best eggs – 50 cents off a dozen.  Yikes! These ones are loaded with Vitamin B6; look over here, these ones have Omega vitamins!  How about some eggs from hens that run around and eat grain and bugs in the ground?

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