15% w.w., 85% white

My sourdough starter is 50% organic whole wheat flour and 50% unfiltered Philly tap water. Hey, it works!

The starter, bubbling away.
I like making bread that is more whole wheat than white, but yesterday I was feeling like a loaf of crispy white bread.  For my standard sourdough loaf I use a King Arthur recipe, http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/extra-tangy-sourdough-bread-recipe

but instead of starting the sponge at night, I start it in the morning, put it in the microwave all day and add my flour at 5 when I get home from work. (note: the microwave is NOT turned on! it’s just a nice warm, draft-free place to let the wild yeasts work their magic.)
The sponge before I added the flour

What did I do differently this time? added as little flour as possible when adding flour to the sponge. I let the Kitchen Aid knead it for about 7 minutes and then nearly pour it into the loaf pan. Really, it’s almost like a batter.  I think this had something to do with the end result: nice, tough crust like you expect on sourdough loaves, but the actual loaf was fluffy and moist. Almost, dare I say it, like a store bought loaf. Not what you expect from sourdough. But it still has that tang.


final result.


2 responses to “15% w.w., 85% white

  1. You have a kitchen-aid? Wow, things have really changed since Whisper

  2. Have you considered a career in Baking? Looks yummy!

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